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*Frequently asked questions*

* What are the cost of shipping a order?
By creating a user account on our store, you can get live shipping costs*

* How do I place a order?
We are open 8AM-4M, M-F PST. You can use our online store to place an order, or Email us to place an order, or call us directly and leave a message. International order placing works best via email, or by using our online store, due to the time change around the world. We ship orders worldwide, large or small.

*How do we ship out orders and what is the cost for shipping?
Shipping cost are calculated by weight of the order, and your delivery address and country. By loging onto our online store , and following the check out process, you can get a total cost on your purchase.
Orders shipped inside the USA, are ship via fed-ex ground, All international orders are shipped via us postal service. Engines and Large parts orders ship via truck or air freight.  Due to High Business activity year round, Most online orders ship in 10 to 14 business days*. All order will be insured by the shipping company. Shipping Tracking info, will be sent by the shipping company.


*What payment methods do we accept?
We accept, Visa-Master card, pay pal, checks, and wire transfer. All International orders that are charged to a credit card, will have a delay with shipping. Do to credit card fraud theft globally, all credit card orders, will be allowed to clear against fraud and theft, allow approximately 14 days for credit  cards to clear fraud protection*

*Do we offer a Warranty? 
Do to the nature of aftermarket high performance parts and engines, there are NO warranty offered on parts. The  parts we deal with, are used for high performance applications, and can be pushed beyond there original design limits, resulting in part failure. We do offer a warranty on parts defect, due to manufacturing or workmanship defect, upon receiving the part, parts claims must be made within 48 hours of receiving parts, or defective parts claims are void. We will replace the part if found defective. DRD will not be responsible for return shipping on defective parts, the return shipping is to taken care of by the customer.


*What is our company sales policy and cancelation policy? 
All sales are FINAL and  as is condition, No Warranty, No Return on any products sold by DRD Racing Heads.  DRD RACING HEADS  will not assume any liability or injury what so ever, on any products sold by DRD RACING HEADS. Products sold by DRD Racing Heads , are intended for Hi performance use, and off road use only, use these products at your own risk.
All purchases must be paid in full of the invoice total, payments are none refundable to the customer NO ACCEPTIONS.

*We offer technical support on any products sold DRD RACING HEADS ONLY.
*DRD RACING HEADS , reserves the right to refuse service at anytime.
*DRD RACING HEADS web site or online store information, is copy written , and all info may not copied or reproduced in anyway or form.