DRD D7000 Type 1 CNC Ported Heads 90.5-92mm (Turbo)

DRD D7000 Type 1 CNC Ported Heads  90.5-92mm (Turbo)

DRD CNC ported D7000 Turbo , type 1 heads. New AIRCRAFT ALLOY, Large intake flange, type 1 head castings are used with 12mm spark plug holes. 44 mm X 37.5mm Stainless steel valves installed HI rev dual springs, Heavy duty Chromalloy retainers and keepers, exhaust guides cut back for turbo use. State of The art CNC ported, intake and exhaust ports,  67CC CNC machined combustion chambers to take advantage of today’s pump gas. These heads are designed for max power, Strong low end power, with aggressive mid-range and high end , for engines 2000CC and up. Computer designed aggressive D style intake ports to maximize air speed in the intake port track.Designed and manufactured with the use of the latest computer design software. Listed price is for a pair of 2 cylinder heads. 90.5-92mm bore.



SKU DRD D7000  
Weight 30.00 lbs
Our price: $1039.99