DRD D7000 Type 1 CNC Ported Heads 90.5-92mm (Turbo)

DRD D7000 Type 1 CNC Ported Heads  90.5-92mm (Turbo)

New for 2016,  TYPE 1 TDRD CNC  D7000 heads, 12mm spark plug, 44x37.5 valved. This head is for serious power output ,street cars, off road, or race car. Agressive D port intake port, 76CC port volume CNC ported, CNC combustion chambers,multi angle valve job, dual springs shimmed, approx 68cc combustion chambers. This head is designed for the max power output for a VW casting with 44/37.5mm valves,power output up to 300+hp. The Price is for a pair heads, 2 cylinder heads. Designed and manufactured with the use of the latest computer design software, optimized for maximum torque output. DRD heads offer more torque per dollar hands down.

Intake flow at 28 inches of water, 320 feet per second air speed, with 48 ida manifold.

.400 -185

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Weight 30.00 lbs
Our price: $1039.99