Type 4 – Machine Services

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Type 4 – Machine Services

DRD Racing Heads, Type 4 Machine Services, Price List

Rebuild type 4 head , includes valve job, guides replaced (pair of 2 heads ) | $330.00
Bore type 4 heads for larger cylinder (pair) | $50.00
Bore type 4 engine case for larger cylinders| $75.00
Resurface type 4 heads (pair) | $75.00
Replace valve guides, pair of heads, includes guide | $130.00
Multi angle valve job (pair of 2 heads) | $175.00
Cut type 4 heads for dual springs (pair of 2 heads) | $25.00
Machine long cylinders to specified length | $80.00 per set of 4
Balance crankshaft | $40.00
Balance pistons | $45.00
Balance connecting rods (set of 4) | $45.00
Balance flywheel |$45.00
Tig welding, quoted by job
Engine Dyno Services | 250.00
Flow bench services, flow customer heads, |$80.00


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