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 Cylinder Head Facts

Some may think that cnc ported heads don’t perform as well as a hand ported head.
The facts are, cylinder head ports for all internal combustion engines, are based off strick dimensions.  Cylinder head design, and port dimensions are derived from mathematical formulas.  Hand ported heads are a product of the past, the human hand and human eye can only get you so close. The end results are,  all cylinders will not make the same power, a product of port inconsistency.
With use of modern cad cam design software, cylinder heads with cnc ported ports and combustion chamber is exactly the same from cylinder to cylinder. Our own cnc heads picked up 12 % more power, than our hand ported heads of the past, by having consistent cnc machined ports and combustion chambers.

DRD Racing Heads, along with NASCAR, NHRA, F1, INDY, PORSCHE, BMW, MERCEDES, HONDA, TRD, are among the many companies porting heads with modern cnc technology. Cnc ports and cnc combustion chambers, has been a major game changer in the engine performance arena, and is here to stay.

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