Type 4 Engine Primer

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Type 4 Engine Primer

The Type 4 engine platform is a very robust air cooled engine platform. Primary used in the Busses, and Porsche 914′s- 912E.
A popular type 4 engine up grade is the 71mm X96mm big bore combo. A very low cost combination, that can bring years of fun. One big problem with the type 4 engines was the cylinder heads. The cylinder heads were known to drop valve seats, resulting in engine failure. Today, we recommend replacing the old type4 oem heads. Most of these oem heads have been used beyond there service life. Amc out of spain, makes a replacement type 4 head, that many companies sell and modify for performance use. These heads are a excellent  head for the type 4 engine. Dual weber carbs are the standard for most tpye 4 engines also today.
If your looking for a increase a power, the 80-82mmX96mm stroker kit is very popular and  provides a huge power increase over stock engines. For the max performance 82X103mm are very popular also, these are used alsot in the 914-912 crowd cars.
There are also a wide range of stroker cranks, and piston combinations for the type 4 engine, opening up a wide range of build options. Do your home work, and build your engine for your application, street, race , or off road use.
We always say, anyone can sell you a parts, picking a correct engine combo is another venture.
Please contact us to discuss your application.

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