DRD Porsche 996-997 Performance Primer

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DRD Porsche 996-997 Performance Primer

DRD Porsche 996-997 Engine Info:

 DRD RACING HEADS is involved with  m96-m97 platform. Most of our research has been on our own Porsche 911 997.1 platform. This info has been retained on daily driven street cars, with all smog equipment attached.

The 997.1 platform has some improvements, for the earlier year’s engines. One improvement was the  ims bearing was replaced with a larger bearing in approx year 2005 forward, to handle more loads, and failures of this larger bearing have been very minimal to prior year’s m97-m97 engine. The ims bearing in the 05 and later engines,  ims bearing is replaceable with a ims bearing update kit from EPS . We suggest driving the car often, and changing the oil every 5000 miles.

Motor oils we have found that work extremely well with these Porsche m96-m97 engines are, Motul 8100X 5-40w for engines .

M96-M97 engines by design are designed for performance.  The engine was designed to perform, and performs very well form the factory. By design, Porsche did not leave much on the table for power in stock form. After testing a lot of aftermarket products for these engines, we found very little power gain, and in some instances, we lost power with these bolt on products.

By design, the intake box is cold intake design, and huge in air volume, and has plenty of surface area to feed the engines air requirements. We found the stock air box to work excellent compared to aftermarket HOT air boxes that rob power. The bmc air filter flowed the best of all the filters we tested 30+ cfm over the rest of the filters tested, and is recommended for M96-M97 engines.

The exhaust system by design is also designed to work for its giving application. For our testing here in CA, we have to conform to smog test requirements, so after market cats and cat delte , are out of the question for sure. We like the factory Porsche sport exhaust (PSE), the exhaust tone is dialed in for the engine, with no droning in the cabin. The x51 style headers have proven to provide the best overall power curve for the engine. Testing of the merge headers had lost bottom end power while adding some power up top. X cross over pipes have also lost power down low, and had slight gains up on the top end of power.

One area of improvement is in the ecu tuning. Porsche had scaled back the ecu tuning for emissions and warranty proposes. By re mapping the ecu, the power curve can be enhanced, and the flat spots can be tuned out, and the engine can rev cleaner and longer, to push the engine to max power output. Drivability will also improved. There are many ecu flashes avaible on the market. After testing many ecu flashes, we developed out own DRD ecu flash for the fuel avaible here in the usa. Power can be improved by adding a IPD manifold, along with a GT3 82mm throttle body, these items gained more power form 3000 rpms up.

We feel by installing a 160 degree thermostat, lowers your chances of not scoring a cylinder is greatly improved, and by lowering cylinder temperatures your ecu will allow more timing, resulting in approx. 5hp more out. 

DRD Racing heads specializes in Porsche cylinder heads, and the cylinder heads can improve power for sure. The down side is the engine must be removed and cylinder heads need to be removed. Improving cylinders heads is only feasible if the engine is being rebuilt or is having major service.

For daily driven stock engines that need to pass emission, we recommend have the ecu remapped, adding a bmc air filter , installing a 160 degree thermostat.

If you going to have the engine rebuilt, cylinders heads can be improved, and boring the engine to a larger displacement will also bring out ,ore power on the M96-M97 engine. 350-400 hp on the street is plenty to have fun with for sure!

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