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Cylinder Heads
Internal combustion engines are the most common form of engines today.
Power limits of these engines are limited mostly by the restrictions in the intake track. Manifold design and cylinder heads, play a key role in the ability to delivery air and fuel  to the engines combustion chamber.
Cylinder head modifications, or port work ,  increases the power level of the engine. This art form has been a mystery, and to extract power from cylinder heads is a lot more than grinding the port larger. Flow bench equipment will aid to unlock the power in a cylinder head, along with a very experience human making changes to the cylinder head.
You will hear a lot of buzz words like, cfm flow, air speed etc. These items are critical to making a cylinder head improvement for sure. Amazing, a lot of companys porting cylinders heads, don’t own a flow bench, or know what their heads flow or what the air speed is in the head.
All of this, is like testing an electrical circuit with your tongue, and not a volt meter. You get what we’re saying here.
At DRD will use all the latest equipment and tools to deliver the best product we can. All DRD cylinder heads are designed on state of the art cad cam software, flow bench tested, and final dyno tested.
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